Welcome to Mason's Haven Canine Rescue and Rehab!

Mason's Haven is a tribute to our one rescue dog Mason.  He found us as a little puppy trying to catch up to some maintenance men in a golf cart.  Once he saw us, he stopped and decided we might be a better alternative.  After walking around trying to see if he was lost, we took him to our vet where we discovered he had the initial symptoms of Parvo.  Fortunately, we caught it in time and he overcame that illness.


Mason brought a lot of joy into our lives but sadly, his life was cut short.  He contracted Pythiosis, an infectious disease usually spread via infected water.  By the time we determined the diagnosis, it was too late.  The disease had spread to his lymph nodes. He passed away as Roger was saying goodbye.


Since Mason's passing, Roger and I have volunteered at several rescues.  In the course of those efforts, we have expereienced many of the challenges rescues face.   We wanted to see if we could address some of those items to help others continue this work. Thus, Mason's Haven was formed.  Our goal is to help other rescues through infrastructue support, transportation assistance, or assistance with challenging shelter residents.


Our initial step toward this goal are the "clients" on our page.  We have offered to work with and hopefully place these dogs who have been in the shelter system.